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2022 Board of Directors

Rick Syverson, President

Leslie Gostomski, Vice President

Paige Jacobs, Secretary

George Lohrmann, Treasurer

Matt Kowalczyk, Show Director

Shawnda Peters, Show Director

Stacy Jacobs, Member-At-Large, Advertising & Promotions

Chris Peters
Member-At-Large, Equipment

Theresa Kluczynski,
Member-At-Large, Events

KayLee Lutz,
Member-At-Large, Membership

Braydn Lentz,
Member-At-Large, Membership

Past Boards


2019  George Lohrmann & Dan Witte

2021  George Lohrmann

Vice President

2019  Leslie Gostomski

2021  Leslie Gostomski

Show Director

2019  Casey Quinn & Tim Wolfe

2021  Rick Syverson & Laura Lohrmann


2019  Julie Abramson

2021  Julie Abramson



2019  Cal Tomimitsu & Stacy Jacobs

2021  Maria Steckler

Past Members-At-Large

Advertising & Promotions

2019  Maria Steckler

2021  Stacy Jacobs

​Equipment Manager

2019  Matt Kowalczyk

2021  Matt Kowalczyk


2019  Caitlin Hare

2021  OPEN


2019  Rick Syverson

2021  Shawnda Peters

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