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This option is for people who have conflicts that make them unable commit to a full membership, for alumni that want to join in every once in a while, or for friends from other teams that just love to ski whenever they can and want to hang with us sometimes.


  1. For $5 a person may ski with SWU for the day.

  2. You MUST either be a USA Water Ski member or pay the daily membership rate in addition to the $5 SWU daily fee.
    1. **In order to jump, you must be a full USA Water Ski member. The daily USA rate doesn’t cover jumping.


There will be practices and shows (a couple weeks leading up to the State tournament) that may be off limits to daily members (unless you are planning to ski with us at State – please talk to our Show Directors, Matt & Shawnda, if this is something you are considering.) We’ll publish those block out dates on our calendar when we figure that out.


  1. Bookmark this page or the following schedule direct link: Both places are live, so any changes will be updated automatically.

  2. Email Leslie Gostomski at or text 262-949-7227 if you are interested. We are pretty flexible, but for shows, please try and give us 48 hours notice so we can plan our running order and act rosters. You do not have to plan the whole summer. You can do this for one show or practice or multiple at one time, so you may do this as often and as many times as you wish.

Fine Print

  • If you are paying to join a show, you will be adding to any acts you are put in. Full members receive priority positions and will not be “bumped” by any Pay-to-Play members.

  • Pay-to-Play members are expected to act as full members when they are there. You will be expected to be there at the set time prior to the show to help unload and set up as well as stay after to help clean up.

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